(9 May 2021)
If someone asked me 4 years ago when we first launched whether the website was viable for long, I honestly had little confidence that it could last for more than 3 years. And as we are stepping into our 5th year, we recorded a readership of over a million. We have even been successful in establishing our own style and character, to the extent that many readers have told us that it is a great pleasure to browse our portal for beautiful photos and to know of the range of information available to them. Our website is becoming a dictionary of sorts for retired persons as well as a companion for those who look after elderly persons. Many friends check on our contents as a daily routine. I wish to thank them all for their continued support during the past years.
COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and it will continue to haunt everyone for an unknown period despite the availability of vaccines. Our way of life has completely changed. Even retired persons can no longer travel as much as they could, let alone outside of their homes. Our editors have made great efforts to strengthen our contents relating to the prevention of COVID-19, protecting our well-being and caring for others who need support and encouragement. We have also developed a few new themes like home-planting, fishkeeping, cooking for small families and oneself, entertainment at home and more, to make home-stay both meaningful and enjoyable. This may be the life pattern for most of us in the years to come, so why don’t we work together to make the best out of home-living and communication technology.
Gerontechnology will be our next area of development. We would seek all opportunities to work with the Government, NGOs, and other online platforms to make up-to-date information easily accessible and promote interest among the younger generation to make it an industry for our future development.

Pauline Ng, Founder and Chief Editor

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