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This is our Fifth Anniversary. We are happy to announce that our readership has reached 1.2 million and we continue to receive very positive feedback on the prompt updating of information especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We notice that our readers are getting younger. More are conscious of the need to stay healthy and how to make the best use of the time when working from home.  Due to the change in our everyday life pattern, readers’ interests are also changing. In the past year, our emphasis has been on self-development and also wealth development. It is of growing importance that we need to remain financially sound. Our editorial team has strived to provide more information on the management of finance and enhancement of one’s capability to go into a new career path. We hope that would be helpful to our readers.
The setting-up of a website to cater for the young-olds has always been my dream and has proved its value to many.  When we begin to lose our loved ones at this part of our lives, we need to count on the support of our families and friends to help us tide over.  The inspiring quotes and beautiful photos we feature on our front page do serve to help encourage our readers and it is great consolation to us that our efforts have proved their worth. 
We would continue to be close to our readers at times of joy and anxiety. Stay with us!
Pauline Ng, Founder and Chief Editor

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