In these turbulent days, we become more alert than ever about the way to protect ourselves and our families both physically and financially. We saw immense interest in finance-related subjects over the past 6 months especially in the areas of financial support for the elderly, wealth management, investment opportunities, post-retirement employment, etc. To meet this rising demand, we have restructured our 8 topics to group wealth-related subjects under “Joy” to create a new topics “Wealth”.  We would also conduct more research and invite experts to share their experiences with readers on how to manage finances effectively and invest prudently.
As regards the information originally placed under “Style”, the subtopics remain unchanged and are now placed under different relevant topics. Do use our search agent and you can retrieve the information. For ease of reference, do refer to the site map below:
- Home Safety
- Home Design
- Home Care Services and Residential Homes
- Eating Out
- Home Cooking
- Healthy Eating
- Recipes
- Lost Flavours
- Cooking for Those with Swallowing Difficulties
- Healthy Living
- Common Health Problems
- Emotion Management
- 330
- Health Support Products
- Personal Hygiene
- Health Talks
- Asset Management
- Allowances and Subsidies for the Elderly
- Special Offers for the Elderly
- Lifelong Learning
- Lifelong Working
- Chasing Dreams
- My Most Favourite Things
- Interest Classes
- Personal Image
- Good Places to Go
- Cultural & Recreational Facilities
- Cultural Activities
- Upcoming Events
- Performance Arts for All
- Poetry World
- Leisure Goodies
- Good Movies
- Out and About
- Travelling Overseas
- Local Travels
- Travelling with Parents
- Reunion with Friends
- Special Offers
- Barrier-free Transportation
- Carers
- Terminal Care
- Stories to Tell
- Love Messages
- Social Circles
- Finding Old School Pals
- Making New Friends
- Pets Lover
- Gifts & Traditions
May I thank you all again for your continuous support and I wish you and your families the best of health!
Pauline NG, Founder and Chief Editor