(14 May 2017)

It has always been our dream to create a one-stop web portal which provides a wide range of information for those who have reached 60 and have started to really live their lives.  It has taken us over one year to develop, an e-magazine, covering almost all aspects of anyone at 60 and above, whom we classify as “Green Age” (綠齡), would need in their everyday life.  We hope that through, you can get to know how wonderful this world is and what you can do to make yourselves healthy and happy. is developed and managed by a group of persons with disabilities partnered with a group of retirees who had no clue about web technology at the start of the project.  After a year’s hard work we are finally able to launch this portal on Mothers’ Day.  We have chosen this date for launching to mark the importance of our responsibility in looking after our seniors especially our ageing parents.  This is a value we all share and should continue. is to make this task much easier for everyone of us. belongs to every reader and we count on our readers to contribute ideas, photos, poems, recipes, etc. to make interesting, informative and useful.  We will continue to fine-tune this portal to make it more user-friendly to our readers.  Please join our forums or contact us and make YOUR PORTAL.
Pauline NG
Chief Editor