Indian lettuce is good for reducing cholesterol, curing neurasthenia, moist lung and eliminating phlegm and cough. Indian lettuce contains a high level of Vitamin C which is effective in curing scurvy, preventing arteriosclerosis and anti-oxidant. Moreover, mannitol inside Indian lettuce is effective in diuretic and accelerating blood circulation. Lettuce contained by the leaf is effective in easing pain and hypnosis, reducing cholesterol, as well as curing neurasthenia. Dietary fiber and Vitamins C of Indian lettuce can reduce excessive fat.
Indian lettuce should be half-cooked instead of being cooked for a long time in order to avoid affecting the taste and colour. Moreover, Indian lettuce should be stored away from apple, pear and banana to avoid generating spot in brown colour caused by the allergy of Indian lettuce against ethylene. Since Indian lettuce is regarded as cold nature, patients in urinary frequency and stomach cold should avoid eating too many.
Consumers are recommended to buy Indian lettuce with green colour, flat leaf and fresh root.
Cooking methods:
extract into juice, mixed in the salad, fried and rinse.
Stir fried Indian lettuce with garlic, Stir fried Indian lettuce, Sauteed Indian lettuce with diced fish in black bean, Chilled Indian lettuce with sesame paste.