The rich nutrition in chayote can enhance the immunity of human. Eating chayote frequently possesses diuretic and natriuretic effects, it also dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Moreover, the rich zinc in chayote can enhance the mental development of children, cure infertility of human and reduce vision loss of the elderly. Chayote that has grown for 20 days contains double calcium than cucumber, benincasa pruriens and cylindrical. Its iron is four times of pumpkin and even twelve times of cucumber.  
Chayote is regarded as warm nature. Patients who are physical weakness should avoid eating it.  
Chayote with black fancy is fresh. If there are little hard thorns on the shin and some feeds are protruded on the surface of chayote, consumers should avoid choosing it because that means the Chayote is over-matured. 
Cooking methods:
Stir-fried, mixed in the salad, boil in a soup, rinse, steam, bake, fried, sauteed.