Water Spinach contains very rich crude fiber, which can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and bowel movements, as well as actively cure constipation and prevent intestinal cancer. Wooden can advance the ability of macrophages to swallow bacteria and bactericidal anti-inflammatory, which are good for cure sore, furuncles, and carbuncles. Pectin can accelerate toxic substance excretion of the body. Water spinach in purple contains insulin which is recommended for the diabetes patients due to the effectiveness of eliminating the blood sugar level.
Water Spinach is regarded as cold nature which is not appropriate for patients who are spleen deficiency diarrhea and physical weakness to eat too many.
Consumers are recommended to purchase water spinach that is complete, without roots and leaf in yellow colour, because leaf in green colour means the water spinach is fresh. Incision of the stem tube bottom should not be rotted or lack of moisture, the water spinach is no longer fresh if it is too dry or lack of moisture. Water Spinach would be in tender texture if the stem tube is small or stalk is in green colour; It would be in brittle texture if the stem tube is bigger or stalk is in white colour.
Cooking methods:
Stir fried water spinach with fermented bean curd, Stir fried water spinach and squid in shrimp paste sauce, Fried diced water spinach with minced pork