Dragon fruit contains a high level of anthocyanin, especially the hylocereus polyrhizus. Anthocyanin is a sufficient antioxidants which can effectively prevent vascular sclerosis, heart disease and brain stroke caused by blood clot. The rich water soluble dietary fiber and vitamins can whiten skin, lose weight, lower blood sugar level, lubricate the intestine and prevent colorectal cancer. The iron content in dragon fruit is higher than any other fruits, ingesting enough iron can prevent anemia. 
Sugar contained in dragon fruit is mostly glucose, although it is easy to be absorbed, absorbing too much will raise the blood sugar level. Therefore, diabetes patients should not eat too many dragon fruits. People who are in the cold constitution and regarded as physical weakness, pale face, weak limbs and always diarrhea should also avoid eating dragon fruit. Women in menstruation should not eat dragon fruit in order to avoid any negative effect.
Select dragon fruit in redder skin and greener surface, because it shows the freshness of the fruit. The fruit is no longer fresh if the green surface turns into yellow colour. The fruit contains more juice and pulp is better.
Cooking methods: 
MIxing drinks, dessert.
Home dishes: