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Honeydew melon is rich in carbohydrate, citric acid, carotene and Vitamin B and C which is effective in cooling down and eliminating thirst. Insoluble protein will be transformed into soluble protein by the invertase of honeydew melon, which can advance the absorb nutrition ability of kidney patient.
Honeydew melon is regarded as cold nature, which is not good for intestinal, stomach and spleen. Moreover, its high level of sugar may worsen the condition of diabetes patients, so it is not recommended to eat too many.
Honeydew melon with complete and average grain tastes sweeter. It is recommended for consumers to knock the melon during selection, the honeydew melon that sounds crisp is more juicy and delicious.
Cooking methods:
Make into the drink, mixed into the salad.
Honeydew melon smoothie, Pineapple and honeydew melon, honeydew melon salad with avocado and shrimp.