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Durian is regarded as warm nature fruit, which is recommended for the females who are in cold nature, fear of cold and suffering in menstrual pain because of its effectiveness of activating blood, dispelling cold and relieving menstrual pain. Wild varieties of amino acid in plup can not only advance immunity but also adjust the pH value in the human body. The synergistic effect produced by special smelling of durian and other nutrition can accelerate appetite, nourishing the yin, as well as preserving the yang. Moreover, durian is good for curing constipation and hypertension, as well as preventing and resisting cancer.
As both durian and liquor are food that causes internal heat, consuming them at the same time is deprecated. Otherwise, it may cause vascular obstruction or even severe blasts and strokes to diabetes patients in the serious case. Moreover, eating durian with other warm nature food, such as beef, lamb and seafood should be avoided, because it may also cause internal heat and inflammation, or even other diseases. Patients who are in obesity, airway sensitive, cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease, heart disease, or other inflammatory diseases should be careful of eating durian. 
Durian would contain more plup if there are more thorns with gentle top and large bottom. Durian is well matured and contains soft texture plup if thorns can be easily closed.
Cooking methods: 
Western dessert.
Durian pudding, durian glutinous ball, durian melaleuca cake.