Pueraria is regarded as cold nature, it tastes sweet and spicy, and have the function of accelerating the secretion of saliva or body fluid, clearing heat, promoting eruption, stopping diarrhea, as well as curing headache fever, quenching thirst, diarrhea and hypertension.
Since pueraria is regarded as cold nature, which may cause vomiting to people. Thus, patients in cold stomach nature should be careful when eating pueraria because excessively eating may cause damages to the stomach. Moreover, people who are sweaty in the summer and women in pregnancy should also be careful of eating pueraria.
Pueraria with red pulp on both left and right sides is believed in good condition.
Cooking methods:
Boil in a soup, stew.
Kudzu soup, Beer braised duck, Braised pork belly with kudzu, Carrot, corn and kudzu soup.