Bean-curd stick      100g
Chinese cabbage  500g
Carrots                     25g
Mushrooms             6 pieces
Spring onion           1 pieces
Sliced gingers        10g
Broth                         100cc
Salt                            as needed
Pepper powder       as needed
Chicken powder     1/4 tea spoon
Soya sauce             1/2 tea spoon
  1. Cut bean-curd stick (soaked), Chinese cabbage and scallions into sections and slice the carrots, mushrooms, and gingers.
  2. Heat wok. Add 1 tbsp oil and fry spring onions and gingers till aromatic. Then add mushroom and bean-curd stick and fry.
  3. Add sliced carrots and Chinese cabbages and fry until soft. Add broth and seasoning. Mix well and serve.