Film Programmes Office
The Film Programmes Office has worked with various cultural groups, consulates and film organizations to promote film culture for many years.  It organizes diverse film programmes every year such as the German Film Forum, French Cinepanorama, Fritz Lang and F.W. Murnau’s Retrospective Show, New Japanese Cinema in 1980s etc.  Apart from local mainstream commercial films, this would also open a door for you to explore the world of high-tasted and artistic films.  You can surf the page of the office, go through the details of the film programmes, and then arrange your schedule.    
Hong Kong Film Archive has collected, conserved and preserved the treasures of Hong Kong film heritage.  It has stored a hundred years of Hong Kong film copies and related heritage and literature.  It often publishes research collections and e-journal for the public to download.  It sometimes organizes exhibitions and screening programmes for the public to understand the most invaluable talented people and experiences in Hong Kong film production and review the classic work.  During leisure time, you can visit the Hong Kong Film Archive Resource Centre to watch audiovisual materials as well. Elderly only need to pay $155 for applying for an ‘Audiovisual Materials Viewing Card’.
Hong Kong International Film Festival is held from March to April every year.  It has more than thirty years of history.  Film fans can watch excellent film productions from different nations at low costs. 
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival is organized by the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival Society, and is supported by the Broadway Cinematheque.  It is the largest scale of Asian film platform in Hong Kong , and is held from mid-to-late October to mid-to-late November every year.  During this period, talks, forums and seminars are organized for the audience to understand more about the film cultures of different Asian places.  Apart from having chances to appreciate different Asian film selections, you can also obtain more film knowledge, and get to know more friends.
The Broadway Cinematheque and MCL Theatres would also offer special programmes on the latest film hot topics.  They would promote special screening programmes for film fans to cater to their needs of watching and reviewing good films.  Whenever you visit their websites, you would have extra surprises. 
Broadway Cinematheqque’s special programmes

MCL Theatres’ special programmes
Related Activities
Hong Kong Film Critics Society is established by a group of professional critics and is a non-profit organization.  It aims at promoting film culture and film education.  Every year, it presents the Hong Kong Film Society Award which is one of the important awards in the industry.  It also organizes workshops and seminars from time to time.  If you are interested, please note its website announcements.

Hong Kong Baptist University-Academy of Film has trained many film talented people who are working in backstage for Hong Kong.  It also organizes related activities from time to time.  It sometimes invites local and foreign directors and film producers to share the stories behind.  Most of its speakers are experts from around the world.  Please visit its website for activities which you are interested in.