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Chinese painting
Traditional Chinese painting is one of the longest artistic practices still alive today. It uses silk or paper with water-based inks and pigments, usually depicting figures, landscapes, flowers or birds.

This form of painting did not have an official name during ancient times but was generally referred to as "Dan Qing". In terms of content and artistic creation, traditional Chinese painting reflects the ancients' understanding of nature and society and the related politics, philosophy, religion, literature and art that comes with it. It forms one of the four ancient Chinese artistic practices, including music, chess and calligraphy.


It has been said that before humans innovate language, they use gestures to express their thoughts and develop their dances.

The dance itself is a language. An elegant or awkward dance instead of a thousand words. We are honored to invite professional dancers to share with us the journey of their dance career and let us appreciate the artistic beauty of dance from different angles.


Music can cultivate temperament and make people feel relaxed.

With advances in technology, even older music can be easily accessed through apps or online. In the 1970s and 1980s, pop music entered the most glorious era. Many of today's green people grew up with the radio when they were young. They still remember the music of that era. We have collected articles from some senior musicians talking about the Hong Kong music in everyone's heart.

Cantonese opera

Cantonese opera, a long-standing traditional culture and art, accompanying many green people to grow up.

With the completion of the new performance venue, Cantonese opera has re-emerged in recent years. Even some young people who are not particularly fond of Cantonese opera in their youth have begun to appreciate the singing and mastering of famous artists.


Art comes from life, and "Photography" is a kind of visual art. Record the moment that is about to become a memory forever. For photography enthusiasts, this is a satisfying pursuit. On the journey of honing photography skills, the process is as sweet as the result.