Golden Age Expo & Summit (Held every first quarter)
Golden Age Foundation aims at encouraging the golden-aged group (retirees and pre-retirees aged 45 and above) to to lead purposeful, healthy and quality lives by holding the expo and summit, also building Hong Kong as a cross-sector and cross-generational platform for collaboration and innovation. Considering the consumer market of golden-aged group and develop the Golden Age economy, the event mainly consists of two parts: exhibition, summit and workshop. The exhibitionprovides a one-stop showcase for a wide range of innovative products and services, including cutting-edge technology, smart home, healthcare products, medical and rehab aids, homecare products, etc, The summit invites renowned global, regional and local leaders to discuss innovative ideas and practices covering major aspects of a smart ageing city, from business and finance, technology, new models of age services, to productivity and cross-generation collaboration.

Online Free Expo Entry Registration(8-10 March 2019)

Pet Show (Held annually in January)
Honored as “Show of the Pet Industry”, Pet Show is a large-scale event exhibiting world-famous brands of pet foods and articles. In order to increase people’s awareness of “taking good care of animals and respecting life”, the event also invites animal care specialists to deliver lectures to educate citizens of Hong Kong on pet raising. All pet lovers can enter the venue with their pets to purchase pet food and articles and watch interesting shows.

Vegetarian Food Asia (Held annually in February)
Vegetarian Food Asia will be the first of its kind in Hong Kong to highlight the demand for vegetarian food in the midst of a fast-growing vegetarian consumer trend. Exhibited articles will include whole grains, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices and a variety of drinks.
Hong Kong Flower Show (Held annually in March)
Dedicated to men and women of refined taste longing for an opportunity to take pleasure in the ocean of flowers on a beautiful spring day, Hong Kong Flower Show is an event frequented by numerous exhibitors from Hong Kong, mainland China and foreign countries displaying hundreds of thousands of flowers at each annual session arranged in a kaleidoscope of colours and design patterns. It offers not only the most eye-dazzling visual feast to visitors, but also an excellent picture-shooting site for shutterbugs. Visitors can not only purchase flowers and other horticultural products here but also take part in on-site educational and recreational activities such as music shows, floriculture shows and landscaping workshops.  
Art Basel (Held annually in March)
Annually held in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami, Art Basel is an event committed to exhibiting such artworks as paintings, sculptures, photos and video products. Half of those exhibited in Hong Kong each year are the masterpieces of the most famous rising stars and contemporary masters from Asia and Asia-pacific countries, with the best artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries.
50+ Expo I/O Senior Expo Asia (Held annually in July) 
Designed for the aging population of Hong Kong, the unprecedented one-stop event offers an exhibition and trading platform for literally all kinds of products and services targeted at retirees and senior citizens including but not limited to healthcare, daily commodities, nursing service, recreation, financial products, pension plans, education products and consultancy service.
Hong Kong Book Fair (Held annually in July)
Twenty-seven years have passed since the first session was held in 1990. Held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai each year, the Fair is a grand local event. Apart from the book fair to encourage Hong Kong people to read more books, the event also includes a variety of cultural and recreational activities as a sideline. For book lovers, the event represents an excellent opportunity to replenish bookshelves at home and enrich the mind.
Hong Kong Food Expo (Held annually in August)
Sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Expo is a grand event of the food industry. Through its trade exhibition hall and public exhibition hall, the event showcases a variety of gourmet food contributed by exhibitors from all parts of the world including but not limited to breads, cakes, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, between-meal snacks, canned foods, processed food, instant-to-eat food, fresh food, vegetables, fruits, green and organic food, kitchen ware, seafood and condiments. For gourmet food lovers, the event is a treasure land.
Hong Kong International Tea Fair (Held annually in August)
The Fair not only exhibits a great variety of teas such as Pu-erh, oolong, black tea, green tea and scented tea, but also displays tea-related items such as teacups, teapots, tea containers, tea packing materials, tea processing machines and testing devices, tea planting and processing technologies and tea cakes. Visitors at the fair also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information about tea.
Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair (Held annually in November)
Sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Fair attracts a large number of wine brands each year from all parts of the world. The annual grand event offers wine lovers not only the chance to satisfy their taste buds, but also the chance to exchange opinions and information with each other.    
M+ (expected to be commissioned in 2021)
M+ is a new museum of visual culture in The West Kowloon Cultural District. It is a museum for the 20th and 21st century visual art, including design and architecture, and moving images. As one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary visual culture in the world, M+ focuses on the efficient utilization of internal spaces. Apart from staging exhibitions and performances, M+ also provides space for shops, library, study centres and offices. There is also a public roof terrace with full view of the Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline. With both art and practicality, M+ Museum will be a landmark of Hong Kong to attract visitors from all parts of the world.

The Hong Kong Story (Hong Kong Museum of History)
“The Hong Kong Story” is one of the permanent exhibition halls in the Hong Kong Museum of History (first founded in 1962 within “Hong Kong City Hall” with the name “City Museum and Art Gallery”). With free admission, “The Hong Kong Story” launches exclusive themed exhibitions at regular intervals highlighting the cultures and anecdotes of Hong Kong in different periods of time in history.
Exhibition of Hong Kong cultures and arts (Hong Kong Heritage Museum)
The Hong Kong Heritage Museum consists of 12 exhibition sites, of which Zhao Shao’Ang Art Gallery, Gallery of The Cultural Relics of Cantonese Opera, New Territories Heritage Hall and Gallery of Xu Zhantang’s Collections are permanent sites housing collections important for the history and development of art and culture of Hong Kong. The rest are all exclusive themed exhibition sites dedicated to a diversity of subjects, especially traditional Chinese cultures and art forms.
  •  Chao Shao’An Art Gallery presents viewers the most important painting works and personal seals of professor Zhao as well as Zhao’s studios and literature about the famous Chinese painter. Zhao Shao’ang is good at painting flowers, birds and animals while also doing a good job in depicting water and mountains. 
  • Gallery of The Cultural Relics of Cantonese Opera showcases performance props used by past celebrities such as ruby headwear, special issues about the movie “Two Heroes”, special issues about the second public performance tour of Chufengming Opera Troupe, an opera costume for a female role with a phoenix embroidered on a blue background and phoenix-shaped coronet, phoenix-shaped female makeup kit and yellow background jacket with Loong pattern and Gu style embroidery. Besides, theater models and a computerized lighting and sound system are also used at the gallery to reproduce the historical moments and characteristics of Cantonese opera.  
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware is a good place for tea lovers. Dedicated to China’s tea culture and history, it consists of three permanent exhibition halls displaying tea ware used in Chinese history from the Tang dynasty to recent times and pottery and ceramic ware of the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties and other ancient relics. A “Tea Corner” is set in No.3 hall to spread knowledge about tea ware and promote tea culture as well.  
Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture
Aiming to present visitors a panoramic view of Chinese food culture, Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture uses models and textual descriptions to showcase the kitchen and table ware and food materials used in different times of history and in different geographical locations of China. What amazes visitors is not only the unique Chinese food culture but also the wisdom of our ancestors.
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