This page suggests programmes to be organized by different organizations within these few months.  You then can understand the current trend through a few glances.  In addition, this would facilitate the planning of your personal schedules for this month and even the next few months according to your interests.  You can buy your favourite programme tickets in advance, invite friends to join these Cultural Activities together, and develop more individual hobbies to fulfill your leisure lives.

Highlight event:

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra - upcoming concerts (January and February 2019)

Voices of Spring - New Year Concert  (25-26 January 2019)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium
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HKCO Valentine's Day Concert with Frances Yip and Johnny Ip (15-16 February 2019)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
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Future Programmes
Programme Forecast

Hong Kong City Hall

The Joy of Music Festival 2018 
15-21 October 2018
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
December 2018

 Ko Shan Theatre
Hong Kong Coliseum

Paula Tsui in Concert 2018
7-9, 14-16 September 2018, 20:15

Lukfook Jewellery Presents The Sound of Nancy Infinity Love Concert 2018 
4-5 December 2018, 20:15
Other venues
Hong Kong Arts Centre @ the Airport “Hong Kong Cheongsam Story” Exhibition
Gate 22, Hong Kong International Airport, 20 July 2017 – 31 January 2019

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