Every time when there is a holiday, especially the Christmas holiday, or a birthday, we would find choosing the right present a big challenge. Here are some tips for you:

Tips for sending gifts
  1. Gifts should be practical if possible.  They could be stationary, kitchenware or food to avoid making others feeling frustrated about their usage and storage.  Apart from bringing immediate joy, we should also consider the follow-up work.
  2. Simple gifts such as food are preferred as they are neat and convenient.
  3. Avoid sending gifts which others like such as red wine, tea and flower  because they usually have a good understanding of these items and already possess many at home.  They may often receive such gifts too.  Therefore, we should understand the characters and tastes of the recipients before sending gifts.
  4. Consider the needs and personalities of the recipients.  Do not assume that things we like would be liked by others unless we want to send healthy living messages through the gifts.
  5. Do not be lazy in choosing gifts.  Pay attention to the tastes and characters of others, and remember their recent needs  expressed during conversations.  Know the taboos in choosing gifts in different communities.
  6. Be careful with the costs of the gifts.  The recipients would worry about how to reciprocate if the gifts are expensive.  If the gifts are too cheap, we may appear insincere.  It is important to show our thoughts and feelings.  If the gifts were inexpensive but have memorable value or suit the needs of the recipients, this would not be lacking in manners.  In contrast, if the gifts were expensive, the recipients might suspect our intention or think we want to show off.  This would end up terribly.
  7. The age and health condition of the recipients should also be considered, especially for those who are ill or pregnant.  Gifts should be suitable for the recipients.
  8. If our relationship with the recipients is just general, the gifts should not be too personal or private to avoid misunderstanding.
  9. Pay more attention to different gifts in daily lives.  Choosing gifts in a hurry would easily make mistakes.  Apart from looking for items on shopping lists, also look for items which might be suitable as gifts.
  10. Pay attention to the social taboos when sending gifts.  Understand the customs of other nations when choosing gifts for foreigners.  
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