It has never been easy for anyone turning 50 or beyond to find suitable clothing items in local market.   The myths have always been whether they have grown so out of shape, or clothing for this age group has always been ignored by the retail market, or marketers and designers are simply not interested in producing clothing items which match the body shapes and the lifestyle of this age group.  At any rate, the potential demand for clothing for the 60+, i.e. the "green age",  in Hong Kong and even in Mainland China is offering a host of opportunities to our young talents who could become trendsetters with their creative fashion sense for meeting the needs of this huge market.

This page looks into how people in the “green age” group can continue to look fabulous and remain active in social and family gatherings, cultural and recreational activities, as well as community work.  With a positive Personal Image, one can always walk on the street with great confidence despite his or her age, body shape, or mobility.

What attribute to a good personal image are things like FashionPersonal Upkeeping, such as Skin Care, Hair Care, Keeping a Good Shape and Social Etiquette.  In fashion, we provide a platform for renowned fashion designers and fashion brand managers to share their views and experiences so as to stimulate greater interest in the areas of Fashion Design and Tailoring to bring Hong Kong's clothing industry to a new horizon.

Besides, we have placed special emphasis on the needs of the “older olds”, i.e. those are still very active in their seventies, eighties or even nineties.  This page showcases a range of Outfits and Necessities for the “Older Olds” with a list of Retail Outlets, Specialist Stores and Online Shops  selling such merchanise to facilitate search by carers, as well as Shopping Tips for Clothing Items.  All are welcomed to provide relevant local or overseas information at our Discussion Forum so as to provide more choices for those who need such products and information. Please Contact Us if you have any enquiries.