When stepping into the age of 50s or 60s, men and women would inevitably be required to attend more formal social gatherings or lunch/dinner functions and meet with those you barely know. There is no exception to those who would soon retire or have already retired.  Even for professionals with recognized achievements in their careers may not be accustomed to or fond of attending such events.  There is often the tendency to ignore these functions even though they are for charity or meaningful purposes.  As time goes by, one's social circle and acquaintances will become narrower and narrower, and the opportunity to continue to contribute to the community will become much smaller.

Social etiquette refers to the basic manners when interacting with people.  They are the communication skills and personal behaviours which we have learned since childhood.  They are things like showing respect to other people and to the community on the whole.  When our children are growing up, we have the responsibility to show them the world and acquaint them with more senior people in the community – those who may influence them positively in their future development.   In the process, we too have the opportunity to meet people outside our normal work circle or to reconnect with old friends, thereby turning our retired life into a meaningful and colourful one.

Let us first understand some basic social etiquettes and educate our next generation accordingly.

How to dress and put on make-up
Small gifts
Ordering in restaurants
Table manners
Communication Skills
Concert Etiquette
Attending Funerals

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