Yan Chau Tong, or Double Haven, is a harbour in Mirs Bay in the northeastern New Territories, Hong Kong. It is hugged by Double Island (or Wong Wan Chau), Crescent Island, Crooked Island and Plover Cove Country Park. As Mirs Bay itself is protected by the mainland of the New Territories and the Mirs Peninsula, the waters of Double Haven are as calm as a mirror. Even typhoons seldom disturb the waters, making Double Haven an ideal typhoon shelter, hence the English name. The Chinese name Yan Chau Tong is probably inspired by an interesting-looking islet which takes the shape of a stone seal.
The present landscape of Double Haven originates from a series of volcanic eruptions in the Middle Jurassic 180 million years ago and from about 20 million years of erosion and weathering. Embraced by uplands, the calm waters of Double Haven are a paradise for fish. The shallow waters along the shoreline are studded with stony corals, where a wide array of marine animals live.
In 1996, the Hong Kong Government recognized the need to conserve the ecosystem, marine life and natural beauty of the waters and designated it as a marine park.
Suggested Route: Go there by speedboat at Wong Shek Pier (Sai Kung)