Wan Chai
Before colonization, Wan Chai was where fishermen gathered, around the Hung Shing Temple, which is the area around Queen’s Road East, Tai Wong Street West and Tai Wong Street East today. During the colonial period, Wan Chai was called “Ha Wan,” [TN: meaning lower ring] as the main residential area for Chinese, where Central and Western district were for the English, foreigners and wealthy Chinese. During the 30s, the area between Ship Street and McGregor Street was another red light district besides Shek Tong Tsui.  In “The World of Suzie Wong,” a Hollywood movie in the 60s, the lead actress, portrayed by Nancy Kwan, was shown hustling in the area around Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong, where it was filmed on location.  In the beginning of the 20th Century, part of Wan Chai was concentrated with Southern Chinese Tong Lau buildings, another part, which is where Admiralty and Tamar area are today, was the dockyard for British navy.
Wan Chai Heritage Trail
Today, Wan Chai is the embodiment of modern day commerce and traditional wet markets, with bars and restaurants. Though the area is aging, it is still full of energy and interesting spots. After walking on the Wan Chai Heritage Trail, do visit the market on Spring Garden Lane for clothes and Chinese dried goods. If you are hungry, Wan Chai offers a wide variety of food for your choosing.
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