King Yin Lei

Originally named “Hei Lo,” the house was built in 1937 and changed its name to King Yin Lei after it was sold to the Yow family. Built in Chinese Renaissance style, it embodies both Chinese and Western architectural characteristics, and is a rare architectural gem in Hong Kong. The main building is of traditional courtyard house style in Lingnan. The top wall and the side-wings are hip-and-gable roofs, which was commonly used in larger buildings of ancient Chinese architecture. The building was featured in quite a few TV/film productions, including Hollywood movie “Soldier of Fortune” (1955), and local TV series, “Yesterday’s Glitter,” starring actress Liza Wang.
Besides being a historic compound of great artistic value, King Yin Lei also marks the rise in fortune of Chinese people in Hong Kong before the war, and their ascent in social status.
The Conservancy Association
(not open for public at the time)