Causeway Bay
The Chinese name for Causeway Bay means Gong Bay. [TN: Gong is a Chinese metal disk with function similar to a bell.] The original bay area, which is where the Queen’s College, Causeway Bay Sports Ground and Hong Kong Central Library are now today, looked like the shape of a gong, thus it is named accordingly. Archaeological find discovered human occupation dating back as early as the Sui dynasty [TN: 581-618 A.D.]. The Hokkianese used Hong Kong as the transfer port during Qing Dynasty, transferring goods from here to southern Asia, or going there for trading through Hong Kong.  Since Causeway Bay is their mid-way stop, they built a temple here to pray for safe voyage.
After becoming a British colony in the 19th century, Causeway Bay was where the headquarters of Jardine Matheson, one of the 2 largest British enterprises in Hong Kong, was located. Yee Wo [TN: Chinese of Jardine Matheson] Street, Jardine Street and Matheson Street in Causeway Bay are all named after the company. It is obvious that Causeway Bay has enjoyed thriving commercial activities since 19th century. The hustling and bustling of the district now have not drowned the history that is has to offer. A guided tour will reveal its historic sites to you.
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