Lin Fa Kung, Tai Hang
The Temple was built in 1846 (26th year of the reign ot Daoguang), and rebuilt in 1863 (2nd year of the reign of Tongzhi). It is a temple dedicated to Kwun Yam [TN: a Buddhist Budhisattva) which belonged to the private property of the Tsang Family, who, in 1975, gave the temple for the Chinese Temples Committee to manage . The Temple is architecturally unique, with its front hall in half-octagonal shape with a double-eaves-tended roof and a verandah with western-style balustrades. The back hall is rectangular in shape, with 2 halls but without courtyard between them. It is a building with mixture of Eastern and Western architecture, and local culture of Hong Kong.
Lin Fa Kung Temple and Fire Dragon Dance are the landmarks of the area. Every year, a “fire dragon” with a body full of burning incense will pay homage to the Temple before going on to the parade on 14th of August in Lunar calendar every year.
Opening Hours: 7:30am-5:00pm (Monday-Sunday)
Address: Lily Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Transportation: MTR Tin Hau Station Exit B, walk along Tung Lo Wan Road for 5 minutes,
continue onto Lin Fa Kung Street West
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