Law Uk Hakka House, Chai Wan
Built in Qing dynasty over 200 years ago, Law Uk is the only surviving village house in Chai Wan. It has kept a land deed with the seal of Qianlong in the 32nd year of his reign, therefore, the house is estimated to be built at around that time. Uk in Hakka language means village, and it is their custom to name the village they live by their surname. Therefore, Law Uk is the village of the Law family. Villagers were peasants and potters. Since the 19th century, there were 6 Hakka villages in Chai Wan: Shing Uk, Luk Uk, Lam Uk, Law Uk, Sai Chuen, and Tai Ping Chuen. But Law Uk is the only village left today.
After all the descendants of the Law family moved out in 1967, the government, in the 70s, decided to keep the entire building and renovated it into a folk museum, with additional exhibition hall and Chinese garden. Law Uk is a common Hakka gate-house of medium size. Among the 3 halls, the middle hall is where the ancestral tablets are places. For security reasons, few windows can be found and light comes in mainly through the courtyard between the gate and the hall.
Opening Hours:
10:00am-6:00pm(Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
13:00am-6:00pm(Sunday and Public Holiday)
Closed at Thursday, Christmas and Boxing day and the first two day of Lunar New Year
Address: 14 Kut Shing Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 28967006
Admission: Free
  1. Take the MTR to Chai Wan Station, a 5 minutes walk from the B Exit
  2. Take First Bus No. 8(from Siu Sai Wan to Wan Chai Ferry Pier), Alight at Cheung Lee Street or Hong Man Street and walk for 5 minutes
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