Asia Society Hong Kong Center (Explosives Magazine complex) 
Situated in Justice Drive in Admiralty, the former Explosives Magazine complex of the Victoria Barracks was where the British Forces made explosive and sent off to military bases around Hong Kong after packaging. This is the only intact explosives magazine complex in Asia from the British colonial era, which is why this site is of great military and historic value. Four buildings in total, built between 1843 to 1930 and erected in 2 levels, were returned to the Hong Kong government in 1979 along with the Barracks. They were used as government offices and warehouses afterwards. The GG block was used as payroll office for finance branch of the British Army, and storage for rock core sample for the Geotechnical Engineering Office. The compound was abandoned in the 80s until 2005, when the government rented the area to Asia Society Hong Kong Center with a nominal fee of $1000 as their permanent address. It was renovated in the same year. From 2012, the center has been open to public and for the use of schools and organizations.
After restoration, the center houses world-class exhibition hall, stage with high-quality theatrical facilities, conference rooms and dining halls that can be used for lectures, performances, exhibitions and film screenings, to promoted culture, art and education of Asia countries.
Opening Hours
Address: 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2103 9511
Admission: Free