Man Mo Temple Compound
Judging from the architectural style and the bronze bell inside the temple, the temple is estimated to be built around 1847 to 1862, during the Qing Dynasty under the reign of Daoguang Emperor. It comprises of 3 buildings, the Man Mo Temple, Lit Shing Kung and Kung Sor. Man and Mo are two different gods. Man Cheung is God of Literature, holding a pen and rules over literature and government official rankings; Mo is Kwan Tai, holding a sword as a symbol of loyalty. There is a Chinese saying that says “do not enter government offices when alive, do not enter hell when dead.” Thus, the Chinese locals built this temple during the early 19th century to deliberate, arbitrate and resolve disputes. The temple was entrusted to the Tung Wah Hospital Group when the Man Mo Temple Ordinance was enacted in 1908. It was not under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Temple Committee because of its long history with the Tung Wah Hospital Group. When the Group was inaugurated in 1872, the board members paid homage at the Temple before going into the hospital; the temple manager gave the Hospital the “Cheung Wa Shu Un,” which was a private school building beside the temple, for education purposes in 1880. The school was renamed Man Mo Temple free school, which symbolized the beginning of the Group’s educational endeavor. On a door frame in Ping On Lane, a banner written with words reminding people to walk the right path and be a peaceful person can still be seen. It’s worth a visit after visiting the Man Mo Temple.
The temple has much social value to Hong Kong given its relationship with the Tung Wah Group. Even today, the Board of Directors of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and community celebrities still congregate at the Man Mo Temple every year for the Autumn Sacrificial Rites to pay homage to Man Cheung and Mo Tai and pray for the prosperity of Hong Kong.
Opening Hours:
7:00am-6:00pm(1st and 15th of every lunar month and birthdays of Gods)
Address: 124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Enquiry: 25400350
  1. Bus 26 outside Pacific Place at Admiralty to Hollywood Road and get off near Man Mo Temple.
  2. MTR Central Station Exit D2 and turn right to Theatre Lane. Walk along Queen’s Road Central towards The Centre.  Then take the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road.
  3. MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit A2 then walk along Hillier Street to Queen’s Road Central. Then proceed up Ladder Street (next to Lok Ku Road) to Hollywood Road to the Man Mo Temple.
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