Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple was built to worship 2 persons, Emperor Man Cheung of the Warring States Period, and Kwan Wan Cheung of the Three Kingdoms period. It was built in 1891 (17th year of reign of Guangxu) by the donation of 7 villages. It was used as the town office at the beginning, for arbitration of Tai Wo townspeople, for religious gatherings and as center of economic and cultural activities. When the town office was built in 1954, the building became a temple for Man and Mo. When it was declared monument in 1984, it was already very run-down after many years. The government was developing Tai Po at the time, with over $700,000 donations gathered from villagers, in addition to government funding, the temple was restored, and the statutes of the 2 gods were housed inside.

Opening Hours:9:00am-6:00pm
Address:Fu Shin Street, Tai Po
Admission Fee:Free


Tai Wo Station

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72 Cheung Sha Wan - Tai Wo Bus Terminus
72X Mong Kok (Park Avenue) - Tai Po Central

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