Kwu Tung Monuments

Kwu Tung
Established in 1900, Kwu Tung Village has over 100 year of history. After WWII, refugees from mainland flocked to northern New Territories to farm. The produce, apart from being for farmers’ own use, was also sold to cities. Gradually, Kwu Tung has become the largest farming community in the New Territories. Yuet Wo, the local brand for sauce and preserved fruit for over 70 years, has a farm of over 30,000 square feet here for over 30 years. There are also Grade II and Grade III historic buildings in the area. Once in Kwu Tung, you can enjoy a “yum cha” breakfast in an old Chinese restaurant, stroll around the sauce farm, or if you are more into nature, there is plenty of it out there.

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Yan Wah House

A Grade III historic building,Yan Wah House used to be a Hakka residence built by Indonesian Chinese Mr. Yeung. It is a traditional Chinese courtyard house, and housed the Oi Wah private school in 1945 making it over 70 years old. The assembly hall hosted gatherings for villagers and public consultations.

 Yeung Garden

Built by the Yeung family in the 30s as a villa, Yeung Garden is structured as an X-shaped building. From ‘70 to ‘83 of the last century, it was rented to Judge Lo Hin Shing of Hong Kong Magistracy as horse-riding school. In 2011, it was categorized as Grade II historic building by the Antiquities Advisory Board.
Lady Ho Tung Welfare Centre

A single-storey building with Eastern and Western architectural elements next to the Kwu Tung Market, this building was built between 1932 and 33, and opened in 1934. It was one of the earliest hospitals for the village in the New Territories. This Grade II historic building was named after Sir Ho Tung’s first wife, Mak Sau Ying, thus the entrance inscription reads “Lady Ho Tung-Mak Welfare Center.” It was mainly used as baby care center, and a sanatorium for Indian soldiers. In 1948, it opened wards specialized for police who stationed in the New Territories. In 2013, it was selected by the Commissioner of Heritage’s Office to be included in Address: 38 Kwu Tung Road, Sheung Shui, NT.
 Chung Fuk Tong Communal Hall

Located in Kam Tsin Village in Kwu Tung, this is the only temple worshiping Earth God in entire China. Built over 300 years ago, according to legend, the ancestor of Hau family pray to the Earth God for national exam placement, and he came first in the exam. So he returned home and built the temple for Earth God, and celebrated the God’s birthday every year. Villagers will invite Tai Wong and Pak Kung (smaller local earth gods) to Chung Fuk Tong Communal Hall, and practice rituals to repel natural disasters.