Lung Yuek Tau Heritage Trail

Lung Yuek Tau is located in the northeast of Lun Wo Hui in Fanling, also known as Lung Ku Tau or Lung Ling. It is the living area for the Tang clan, one of the 5 Great Clans in the New Territories. They resettle from Kam Tin area in the 13th century, and had close ties with the royal family of the Song Dynasty. At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, a Song princess fled to Kam Tin and married one of the Tang clan. Their eldest son moved to Lung Yuek Tau by the end of Yuan Dynasty and built “5 wais [TN: walled cities]and 6 tsuens” [TN: villages]over 800 years ago. Among the 14 historic sites of Lung Yuek Tau Heritage Trail are 2 villages, Siu Hang Village and Wing Ning Village, 5 wais: San Wai, Wing Ning Wai, Tung Kok Wai, Lo Wai, Ma Wat Wai, and 5 historic sites: Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall, Tin Hau Temple, Shek Lo, Tsung Kyam Church, Shin Shut Study Hall, Stone Tablets to Ward of Evil Spirits and Shrines of the Earth God. Those remaining villages still practise traditional ritual, demonstrating the colorful way of living of the locals.

This is one of the 2 Heritage Trails established in the New Territories by the government. Open to public from 1999, it has a length of 2.6 km. Following the Trail, one can explore both nature and historic sites, and the remnants of the royalty’s past. The entire trail, which is on flatland, will take you through 10 sites in 2 hours. It is suitable for entire family, and if tired, one can always leave the trial at any point.

Tourist spots


Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB)
78K Sheung Shui – Sha Tau Kok
79K Sheung Shui – Ta Kwu Ling

Green Minibus
52B Fanling Station – Hok Tau
52K Fanling Station – Ping Che
54K Fanling Station – Lung Yeuk Tau (Circular route)
55K Sheung Shui Station – Sha Tau Kok (Shun Lung Street)
56B Fanling Station – Tan Chuk Hang
56C Fanling Station – Siu Hang Tsuen
56K Fanling Station – Luk Keng

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