Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Ping Shan in Yuen Long is one of the areas with the longest history in Hong Kong. The Tang clan and Man clan, 2 of the 5 Great Clans in NT, settled here around Song to Ming Dynasty. They established “3 Wais (walled cities) and 6 Tsuens (villages)” and made it their home. The structures they built, including ancestral halls, temples, schools and pagodas are still standing today.

Hong Kong government inaugurated the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in 1993, covering the area of Hang Tau Tsuen, Hang Mei Tsuen, Tong Fong Sun Tsuen, Hung Uk Tsuen, Kiu Tau Wai, Fui Sha Wai and Sheung Cheung Wai, stretching a length of about 1.6 km. One can experience Hakka culture in just half a day on this trail, which includes a good number of relics and historic sites.

Historic sites on the Trail:
Tsui Shing Lau Pagoda
Sheung Cheung Wai
Old Well
Shrine of Earth God
Tang Ancestral Hall
Kun Ting Study Hall
Ching Shu Hin
Shut Hing Study Hall

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