Tai Fu Tai Mansion

Tai Fu Tai Mansion was built by Qing scholar Man Chung-Luen in 1865 (4th year of reign of Tongzhi). The Mansion is his residence and is one of the most opulent traditional Chinese architecture. Having a history of over 130 years, every brick and every tile will capture visitors in awe of the beauty of Chinese architecture. On the exterior, walls on four sides, column bases, pond, granite pavements can be found. The interior is of traditional 2-hall courtyard house design which is typical of Pearl River Delta. It is a mixture of Western style, such as stained glass windows, arched door frames of Baroque style and colorful tiles of floral design, and Chinese style such as sculpted beams, mural paintings and plaster mouldings.  

Not only the architecture is worth noting, but also its owner. Man Chung-Luen and Man clan of San Tin are the descendants of Man Yat Shui, cousin of Man Tin Cheung. Man Cheung-Luen got “Jinshi” status from the national exam in 1886 (12th year of reign of Guangxu), and because of his generous personality, he was well respected by his villagers and title of “Tai Fu” was bestowed on him from the Qing Emperor.

Opening Hours:
9:00am-1:00pm、2:00pm-5:00pm(Mon, Wed to Sun)
Closed on Tuesdays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and the first 3 days of the Lunar New Year.
Address:Wing Ping Tsuen, San Tin, Yuen Long 


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76K Ching Ho Estate B/T - Long Ping Estate B/T

Green Minibus (GMB)
75 Yuen Long (Fook Hong Street) - Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Public Transport Interchange
76 Yuen Long (Fook Hong Street) - Siu Hom Tsuen
78 Pat Heung Road (Near Tai Lam Bus Interchange) - Lok Ma Chau (San Tin) Public Transport Interchange

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