Tsang Tai Uk

Also known as Shan Ha Wai, the walled village is located in Shatin near the Lion Rock Tunnel and has a history of 162 years. It is one of the best preserved villages in the area. Tsang Koon-Man, ancestor of the Tsang clan, began building in 1848, and took 20 years to complete the complex in 1867, with an area of 6000 square foot. The wall was built with granite, green brick and timber, with 3-storey canon towers on four sides and openings on the walls for guns and guard watch. There used to be a moat with a drawbridge but both are long gone.

Tsang Tai Uk has a layout of a chessboard and consists of 3 halls separated by courtyards in between. On the front door of the main hall is a plague written in the 13th year of reign of Tongzhi. The complex has 3 entrances with over 100 houses. All passageways, in vertical and horizontal alignment, run through the entire complex, showing a bureaucratic ambience which is unmatched by other walled villages in the New Territories.Tsang Tai Uk was listed as Grade I historic building in XXX and has been open to public. Tsang Bing Kwan, the village head, sometimes gives docent service to introduce hakka culture to visitors.

Why not visit this site after paying respect to the Che Kung Temple during Chinese New Year?
Opening Hours: no designated opening hours, but out of respect for villagers’ daily lives, day time visit with quiet manner is recommended.

Opening Hours: It is suggested  to vist in daytime in order to not interupting villagers
Address:Sha Tin, near Lion Rock Tunnel Road.
  1. 港鐡馬鞍山線車公廟站D出口步行前往
  2. 港鐵沙田圍站,出站後往逸泰街走
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