Tsang Tai Uk

Located in Ping Che of Fanling, between Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Lin area, this monastery was on the thoroughfare between Shenzhen and the New Territories. Merchants frequented between New Territories and Kowloon from different cities of Guangdong province, and the Monastery provided free tea for these long haul travellers, thus became  the place where they rest or stay the night. According to the engravings on a copper bell in the 54th year of Qianlong’s reign, the structure was originally named Cheung Sang Nunnery. It was financed by 6 villages in Ta Kwu Ling in 1789, and torn down in 1868, 7th year of Tongzhi’s reign. The structure rebuilt on the site was the 2-hall building we see today. It was declared monument in 1998.

The nearly 300 year-old monastery worships the Buddha, Kwun Yum and Kshitigarbha. When the Sha Tau Kok railway and highway was put in use in 1916 and 1928 respectively, number of people using the passage declined. The place was abandoned after the Abbot nun passed away in 1994 during the Japanese occupation. Only when a monk started living in the structure in 1949 has it become a Monastery.

Opening Hours:
9:00am-1:00pm;2:00pm-5:00pm(Mon to Sun)
Closed on Tuesdays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and the first 3 days of the Lunar New Year.
Address: Cheung Shan Monastery, Ping Che, Fanling

Green Minibus (GMB)
56K Fanling Station - Luk Keng (Get off the cab at the entrance of Wo Keng Shan Road and walk for about 15 minutes to the Monastery)

Kowloon Motor Bus
78K Sheung Shui Bus Terminus - Sha Tau Kok (Get off the bus at Chun Yiu stop near the entrance of Wo Keng Shan Road and walk for about 15 minutes)

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