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There are numerous cruise companies in the market and they offer different routes to attract customers.  For those in the green-age group, starting the journey at their home town is most ideal.  In recent years, more and more cruise companies have chosen Hong Kong as the starting and ending port with varying routes and destinations. For more choices, one may consider flying to an overseas city to start a journey and fly back to Hong Kong after the cruise.  Different routes provide difference sceneries and characteristics for one to plan according to his or her own preferences.

Here are some examples:
  •  Caribbean Sea Suitable all year round; temperate and mild weather; sceneries of natural beauty; sunshine and  beaches of islands.      
  •  Mediterranean  Ideal for cruising from May to November; beautiful costal sceneries; enchanting historic sites;  diversified culture.
  •  Alaska Ideal for cruising from May to September; spectacular panoramic glacier views; ancient forests, rarest  animals.
  •  Northern Europe Ideal time for cruising is from May to August; attractive fjord views.
  •  Asia suitable all year round; routes mainly in Southeast Asia and Japan-Korea; routes relatively short due to lack of  cruise ports; watch out for rainy and typhoon season.
  •  Australia and New Zealand Ideal time for cruising is from December to February; picturesque scenery and natural  ranches.  
Points to note:

• Choose a season that is suitable for cruise travel is extremely important. The ideal time to travel on different routes is not the same, e.g. May to September in Northern Europe and Alaska; May to November in the Mediterranean; non-typhoon seasons in Asia.
• The sailing time for different routes varies to match the different holiday periods of travelers and their companions.  Although cruise ships sail steadily, for first-time cruise travelers, it may be better to choose a shorter route to find out how they feel including whether they will get seasick or not.
•The larger is volume of a cruise ship, the more sophisticated are its entertainment and recreational facilities. On the other hand, its capacity for passengers is also much larger, meaning that more people would be using the facilities and catering service of the ship at the same time. There is also the need for longer boarding and disembarking time. 
• Larger cruise ships provide more movement space for passengers. However the quality of service is more dependent on the ratio of passengers to staff, which will affect the quality of service and the availability of more personalized service.
•In addition to basic dining and entertaining facilities, every cruise ship may have its special features to attract passengers, e.g. the biggest cinema at sea, sky-high music fountain, fireworks display, mini-golf course, standard basketball court, designated zones for children, youth and adults, etc.  Passengers may consider all these features to decide which ships they would choose. 
•Despite the many routes passing through Hong Kong, not too many of them are using Hong Kong as the first and last port.  Passengers may need to fly to neighbouring cities, the location of which is a consideration. 
• The price range of cruise deals can be quite wide. Travellers may choose the suitable ones according to their budgets and affordability.
• Apart from activities on cruise ship, excursions are often made available to passengers as a kind of on-shore activities. Travelers can compare different companies’ excursion packages before making a decision. 
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