It has never been easy to take parents out for a medical appointment of just to go outside. When commuting with someone who is wheelchair-bound, a lot has to depend on the availability of suitable mode of transport, the location of destination, the convenience of routing, etc. On this page, we provide information on barrier-free public transport and other pick-up services, so that there could be better planning for taking our family members out in a more leisurely manner.

Public Transport

Most of the public transport companies provide barrier-free facilities and services, such as passenger lifts, stair lift, portable ramp, etc. for those who have such a need. Bus companies also provide low floor and wheelchair ramp to facilitate access to their service. These arrangements have made it easier and more flexible for the elderly to commute by public transport. Besides, fare at $2 is definitely a great incentive. However, it is always safe to check in advance the schedule of buses with low floor, the location of the exits for the wheelchair-bound to ensure that we can plan our route and schedule more accurately.

Besides MTR and bus service, Diamond Cab would be a good choice for greed-aged people who are wheelchair-bound and eager to go out. Starting from 2014, Diamond Cab launched the cocept of 'Diamond Leisure',  in order to transport elders to go out for enjoying leisure activities, including Karaoke Party, Shabu Shabu Dinner, Sky 100 Tour, Styling Party, Observation Wheel Tour, Chair-based Dancing Class, Dessert Making Class and Night Tour at Tsim Sha Tsui Harbor Front. etc. The concept encourages the elder to get involved in communities and have more imagination and adventure.

Information about the major public transport services and their barrier-free facilities are as follows:

Public transport

Barrier free transportation services providers

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