Lydia Shum(沈殿霞) is the most famous and loved female comedian in the history of Hong Kong. She passed away in 2008 at the age of 62. Her 33-year-old daughter, a popular singer, Joyce Cheng(鄭欣宜) will inherit her huge properties under Lydia’s will when she turns 35 according to newspaper. ‘How will Joyce spend the money?’ became a spicy discussion topic on social media.
Discourse and critical thinking are essential. Let me try to share some useful views on money—some are mine and some belong to others.
(1)     Money is the car but you are the driver
Had it not been due to money, you would have been a mere window shopper in your life. Money is a car. It can take you to your destination but, like careful driving, the car must require your prudent control. Recklessness is the cause of a car crash. By the same token, careless spending may lead to you being in the red or even bankrupt. Buy what you need only. Only spend the money that you earned, not on any kind of overdraft facility from credit card, bank or money lender.
(2)   Never watch like a hawk the money that does not belong to you
Some girls want to marry a rich man so that she can marry his fortunes together. Some young men like to keep tabs on the parents’ wealth so that he can be bequeathed one day. Some purposefully hang around with rich friends in order for curry favour.
Unless you are a ghost, to live in the dark shadow of someone with an ulterior motive will surely make you nervous, and finally lose yourself.
Never lie, steal, cheat or beg for the sake of enriching your own pocket, as the money will be cursed with an ultimate terrible fate upon you.
(3)   The happiest and luckiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more
My generous friend said, “I am happy and lucky. I got enough for myself. There is no act better than my money, though not a lot, reaching down those in need and making them know that a stranger does care about them, like the way that I care about my family members. When the desperate people could feel the warm support, they realize that there is never a problem that can defeat sunrise.”
Another friend told me, “One great thing about donation is that the money which I gave away bring me back a more joyful meaning of it, and the money that I am keeping for myself somehow will become 10 times more! I am spiritually richer as a result.”
Money is like muck—not good unless it be spread.
(4)   It takes 3 things for you to feel rich enough
I am not so divine as to say spiritual happiness brings more richness than money. I just want to opine that there is a quantitative definition of being rich, if you are already in possession of 3 things. You are then rich enough to call for a halt to your further hungry exploration for greater wealth. You should be contented when you have a flat for self-use, stable returns from some utility stocks which will give you a reliable pension and bank account savings which can help respond to urgent needs.
Before you retire, save; and after you save, retire! Real riches are the riches possessed inside, not just material luxuries. Those who appreciate your wisdom or character are the real friends.
(5)   Ideally, spend most of the money before dying
It is fantastic to be able to spend the money that you have earned to enjoy the remaining years. The tricky challenge is that we do not know when we will die and how much money will be needed for the remaining years.
Two modern concepts are very attractive: lifelong elderly housing and ‘reverse mortgage’. The former is a kind of guaranteed accommodation by a developer to a senior till he dies, in consideration of a huge upfront lump sum paid by him. A reverse mortgage is a loan, secured by the mortgage of one’s residential property, that will enable a senior to receive a guaranteed fixed monthly sum till he dies. The loan typically does not require monthly mortgage payments and all will be settled at the time of death.
(6)   Being ostentations is a stupid way of spending money
Stupid or naive people are eager to put themselves on display. They spend money in a way that they beg to be looked at or they can look superior to others. More likely than not, these people have an inferiority complex and it causes them to over-compensate. They become overly concerned with how they appear to others and if this is taken to the extreme, it becomes a ‘neurosis’. It may also cause a person to be prone to behaviours intended merely to seek attention or compete with others.
(7)   Don’t lose the things that money cannot buy by making money to buy
Money cannot buy 10 values: happiness, time, a good family, wisdom, respect, class, character, common sense, integrity and love. There are many people who are enjoying the above are actually quite poor.
With his almighty judgments, God is fair and will not make the rich get all.
Money is always a good servant but a bad master. You should rule your money. Money should not rule, if not ruin, your life by making you run like a broker in the trading hall of a stock exchange, always greedy and fearful!
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