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Taking the elderly out for a stroll or just to go outside has never been easy, especially when they cannot walk. Commuting with a person in a wheelchair depends quite heavily on the availability of a suitable mode of transport, the location of the destination, the convenience of routing, etc. Essentially, there is a lot to consider, and that could be quite a hassle for something that shouldn't be hard at all!

The MTR Corporation has launched the "MTR · Care" mobile app. The app mobilises the elderly and people with special needs by offering them a hassle-free journey riding on the latest technology. Currently, two functions are available. They are Trip Planner (Simplified Version) and In-Station Navigation at Exhibition Centre Station (For Visually Impaired). These functions make the journeys of the elderly and visually impaired people smoother and in-control.

This page provides information on barrier-free public transport and other pick-up services to ensure better planning when taking our family members outside.

Public Transport

Most public transport companies provide barrier-free facilities and services, such as passenger lifts, stairlifts, portable ramps, etc., for those who have such a need. In addition, bus companies also provide low floor and wheelchair ramps to facilitate access to their service. These arrangements have made it easier and more flexible for the elderly to commute by public transport. Besides, the fare at $2 is definitely a great incentive. However, it is always safe to check in advance the schedule of buses with low floors and the exits' location for those in a wheelchair to ensure that we can plan our route and schedule more accurately.


Information about the major public transport services and their barrier-free facilities are as follows:

Public transport

Barrier free transportation services providers

Travel service

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