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For many senior citizens, buying clothes is no longer a daily routine. Following the change of their lifestyle, like shopping in supermarkets now more often than fine dining in a deluxe restaurant, or playing with grandchildren now more often than gathering with old friends, their wardrobes are now stuffed with sports clothes and t-shirts while their luxury evening dresses or dinner suits have long ago gone to charities. When they become active again in their social life, finding the right clothes for social events may be a challenge.
Thus, it is a good idea to keep some “must-have items” for different occasions. When you are going to buy clothes, there are a few things that you may consider:
  1. What kind of clothes do you need or don’t have? What is your budget? Where or at which shop can you find these kinds of clothes?
  2. Looking at the displays, you may ask yourself – do these clothes fit my style? Going into the shop, you may take a look at their handcrafts and prices. If they don’t meet your expectations, simply leave them. If the clothes are not bad overall, perhaps you may wish to further inspect them before you make up your mind.
  3. Don’t forget to go for a fitting. If the clothes fit or only require slight alterations, they may be your best choice.
  4. During the fitting, do the clothes enhance your presentation or weaken it? Do the materials cause you allergies? Do you have any clothes of a similar color or design?
  5. If you are to buy clothes for an event, is the style of the clothes appropriate for the event? Is there a high chance that the design or style of your clothes will clash with those of others at the event? Will you wear the clothes again? Are they easy to clean and store
  6. You may also need to think about mixing and matching, like shoes, handbags, jackets, shirts, etc. Do your current clothes match the clothes that you are going to buy? If not, will you buy other clothes or even many other items or accessories to match? Is it worth it?
  7. Do you really like the clothes? If you think the clothes can keep you happy for a long time, then buy them.