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With progressive improvements in their health, knowledge and financial capabilities, senior citizens today expect a higher quality in their life style; and traveling aboard upon retirement has certainly become a top priority. They may not have the same stamina as in their youth, but with good pre-trip planning and appropriate travel arrangements, supported by relevant researches, senior travellers can enjoy just as well a carefree and fun-filled vacation.  
The most important thing for travelling aboard is to have a valid passport (Refer to Travel documents) Apply as early as possible for travel documents before your trip, and check in advance to see if your passport is eligible for visa-free entry.  Although visa-free entries for SAR passport holders have been implemented in many countries, local authorities in different countries may have their own regulations. Check with Visa Requirements of different countries before your trip, and make sure that you have all the necessary visas. 
On the day of departure, bring all the travel documents required. To ensure registration on time, it is advisable to arrive at the airport two to three hours in advance of the flight hour. (Refer to Boarding at the Airport) Take note of the boarding counters and baggage restrictions. If you do not want to wait in line for check-in, you can also choose In town check-in or Self-service check-in.
When you are abroad and caught in an emergency situation, try contact the Hong Kong Immigration Department for assistance. You can also try to contact the Chinese Embassy. The list of Emergency Telephone Numbers Outside Hong Kong will help you to reach relevant parties for assistance when you are in foreign countries.
For more information on travelling abroad, please refer to the following websites: