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For those who wish to take a vacation in a leisurely way but at the same time be able to visit a number of countries or cities in one itinerary, travelling on a cruise is a quite a good choice.
It is quite natural for people who have reached the age of 50, 60 to think of the manner of travelling.  It is always a great relief if we do not have to get up too early in the morning for a quick breakfast, pack our bags and rush to another destination. It is during those moments when we need to struggle with our heavy suitcases that we miss our home sweet home.  Cruises therefore appeal to those who have reached a certain age as they provide both the pleasure of travelling and the comfort of staying at home in one entirety.
Whether the travel is a short (three, four to 1-2 weeks) or long (three, four weeks to 1-2 months) ocean cruise or a river cruise, all eating, drinking, recreation, entertainment and accommodation are provided on the cruise ship and are included in the cruise fee. The cruise ship follows a fixed itinerary; it usually stops at a new destination at midnight or early morning, so that passengers can go ashore for a walk or participate in a guided excursion.  Passengers of course may choose to stay on the ship and enjoy the use of all on-board facilities and catering services.  As a result, new liners for transoceanic trips are now built to a much higher standard in terms of design and facilities, so that passengers can enjoy different cuisines and entertainment on each day of the stay on the ship.
Much emphasis is placed on barrier-free design in all cruise ships, thus allowing aged passengers to move around easily on the ship and take part in all activities despite their immobility.  It is becoming quite common for families to choose to celebrate their important occasions on cruises where young and old can equally enjoy the activities and entertainments in their own ways.
Cruising has often been regarded as an activity for the rich.  Today, it is no longer the case after the raid growth in the number of cruise terminals and improvement of port facilities.  Cruising is becoming much more popular and affordable as cruise companies offer from time to time discounts or special deals and itineraries, such as 3 to 6 days to Asian destinations, to over 10 days touring in Europe, US, Canada, Mediterranean, to one to two months travelling around the world.  These are all examples of more popular cruises in recent years.
We also provide tips on How to choose a suitable cruise itinerary and Things to remember in cruising.
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