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With better health nowadays, elderly people are more willing to find new jobs after retirement. However, elderly job seekers may face challenges different from those they faced in their youths, so we have collected some useful tips here for your reference.
Be confident
Do not lose confidence because of your age. Your working experience and wisdom in life are priceless. A more mature and stable personality also give you an advantage over youngsters in job hunting and at work. Focus on your strengths in the job search. Think about the roles, industries or companies at which you would likely be highly valued, and learn how to market yourself.
Change your mindset
Feel relaxed about getting a full time or part time job. Both are good. Sometimes getting part time employment can be more beneficial for retired persons. Adjust your expectations on the rank and salary in the course of job hunting, especially if you are change from one industry or occupation to another. As freshmen in an industry or organization, you should be mentally prepared to accept a job of a lower rank or salary. You should also put aside your ego, and ask for advice and to learn from their colleagues when needed. 
Access information online
Besides traditional job-hunting methods such as reading newspapers and attending job fairs, use various online platforms and mobile devices to get the latest vacancy information and learn about the latest trend and changes of the labour market. Manage personal banking matters online as there will not be too much time to go to banks.
Stay updated and relevant
Keep pace with the ever-changing technology and market needs to stay competitive. Acquire new knowledge and skills through continuous learning to cope with the market development in order to be successful in every endeavour of job change or re-employment. Learn how to make the best use of smartphones, especially in making oral recording for writing a documents or letter and send by emails. There will no longer be anyone to serve us or support us.
Beware of employment traps
Stay alert in job hunting and keep yourselves abreast of current affairs to uncover the tricks of scammers. Never offer any advantages like referral fees to company staff or foremen when looking for jobs. In case of doubt, consult family members or friends. Seek advice or assistance from related government departments/organisations when necessary.