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Unlike in foreign countries, owning a house with proper garden space is difficult with Hong Kong's tiny landmass. And spending possibly more than half our lives devoted to our careers, having a comfortable home after retirement will make life more beautiful. Studies have shown that planting activities are of great benefit to the elderly. It can be used as a leisure activity and can add greenery to the home environment. One could also drive meaning from caring for plants, and when the crops have grown, the sense of satisfaction can be significant.


Even if you have never tried planting at home, you can start with small pots of plants. Below are a few things to consider before you begin:


1. Types of crops


When you start planting, you can choose common melons and fruits, such as tomatoes, basil, and other seeds.


2. Suitable container


Since you are likely to be growing these in your home, there is no need to use plants that require large pots. Generally, containers for planting ordinary crops will do.

3. Soil and fertiliser


Gardening shops usually supply soil and fertiliser for planting.  If you are unsure about the soil and fertiliser you need, you can check with the shop for more information.


4. Watering and sunlight


For plants to grow taller, sunlight and water are indispensable. Each plant requires different levels of sunlight and moisture in the soil. Pay attention to the frequency and amount of watering. Also, some plants do not need to be exposed to the window for a long time, only requiring a few hours of sunlight each day. 

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