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A lot of elderly persons begin losing their appetite after the sensitivity of their taste buds begin to fail and they are required to follow the “less oil, less salt and less sugar” rule in their diet. However, colours can make a change. By choosing foods of different colours as ingredients, we not only enhance their appetite by the attractive presentation of the dishes, but also provide them with the natural nutrients of the vegetables and fruits the food nutrients of such are not easily replaceable. Different colours of vegetables and fruits have different food values. The growing popularity of the recent “Eat the Rainbow” trend is proof to the awareness of the importance of a balanced diet through eating on a daily basis foods of all seven colours –red, orangeyellowgreenpurpleblack and white.
Functions: “Red” foods contain Vitamin C and can help enhance immunity, resist inflammation, and prevent infection in the respiratory system. “Red” vegetables contain lycopene which has antioxidant effect and is good for prostate health.
Sources:       tomato, red pepper, beetroot, strawberry, red beans, etc.
Functions: “Orange” foods contain carotene which helps prevent night blindness,  loss in vision and dry eyes. It keeps the cardiovascular and immunity systems healthy.
Sources:      carrot, pumpkin, yam (sweet potato?), orange, papaya, etc.
Functions:  “Yellow” foods contain Vitamin C and carotene which strengthen the immunity system, and keep the nose, lungs, throat and skin healthy.
Sources:   yellow pepper, corn, lemon, pineapple, chestnut, etc.
Functions: “Green” foods are rich in folic acid, and help relieve emotional unsteadiness and enhance immunity. “Green” foods also help protect the liver.
Sources:      green leafy vegetables, cucumber, bitter gourd, peas, etc.
Functions:  “Purple” foods are rich in anthocyanin which helps keep the eyes healthy and relieve eye fatigue. They also have antioxidant effect and keep the cardiovascular system healthy.
Sources:     purple potato, eggplant, purple broccoli, purple rice, taro, etc.
Functions:  “Black” foods are rich in iron. They contain antioxidant which delay muscle ageing and help keep the skin healthy.
Sources:  Fungus (including black ear), black beans, black sesame seeds, mushrooms, etc.
Functions:   “White” foods contain allicin, flavonoids and selenium. They help enhance metabolism of the body, remove fatigue, kill germs, and are good antiviral and antioxidant agents.
Sources:  onion, garlic, fungus, cauliflower, barley, etc.