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The mutual support between friends is a great source of strength to the “Green Age” group. It takes time to build a new relationship, to know and understand each other, but reconnecting with your old classmates is also a good way to expand your social circle too.

In our childhood, our teacher would always exhort us to cherish the friends whom we had made in primary and secondary schools, because those friendships were the most pure, with no string attached. After graduation, everyone has their own plans, some go overseas for studies or to live abroad. We all fight for our lives and beliefs, it is rare to keep in touch with each other for decades.

Fortunately, with the the development of technology, the popularity of the internet and smartphones, we can now contact each other via email, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, microblog) and instant messaging softwares (eg. WhatsApp, Line, WeChat etc.). In order to facilitate the search for old classmates whom we have lost contact with, this page provides a list of alumni associations of different schools. We welcome alumni associations which we have failed to include to get in touch.

Relevant websites: