Life expectancy in Hong Kong has been rising. According to statistics published by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in July 2016, the average life expectancies for men and women in Hong Kong in 2015 are respectively 81.24 and 87.32 years, surpassing Japan as the world’s nation of longevity. The latest issue of Hong Kong Population Projections 2015–2064 echoes this by projecting life expectancies at birth for Hong Kong men and women in 2064 at 87 and 92.5 years respectively, up from 81.2 and 86.9 in 2014.

As the proportion of seniors continues to grow in our population, more retirees still have parents around, to cherish and to care for, given the strong familial ties in Chinese culture. Where possible, most people prefer to let their parents stay home in their tender old age. Care for old parents is therefore one important facet of life for retirees, and the kind of care required can vary tremendously depending on the physical or mental condition of one’s parents. Visit our Tips for Carers page for some practical information about care for old parents. This page also gives tips about how caregivers can care for themselves.

Ageing parents will leave us one day. It is important for us as carers to prepare ourselves for this day, and to find out the Wishes of ageing parents, so as to walk them through their last journey with their personal choices in mind.

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bulent bulent
I am retired in technical and electrical subjects.
electrical electromechanical systems
electric machines
electric control panels
machinery & cooling electric
elevator systems & hydraulic lifts
boat & caravan electric ACDC
solar wind off grid energy system, solar panels, battery groups

*certificate of amateur sailor
*short distance vhf radio certificate
*amateur radio certificate
*driving license B- SRC 2-4
*electric master certificate
*aromatic and medicinal plants

please call for details
phone and WhatsApp:


Pauline Lam
情人節臨近,想跟大家分享一些關於愛情與婚姻的名言。自己很喜歡 Ann Landers 以下這句:



All About Love
This is sweet, Pauline. I want to share my favourite quote too. Here you go:

"Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age. --- Jeanne Moreau

Pauline Lam
Thank you!
我忽然想起 Mignon McLaughlin 以下這句,挺有意思的:
"A first-rate marriage is like a first-rate hotel: expensive, but worth it."

All About Love
Yes. And I love this one from Langdon Mitchell:
"Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins."

Alice Wong
同感!夫妻之間互相包容、寬恕,可說是個需要終生學習的課題啊!^^ 正如富蘭克林說過這句話,想想確實很有意思:


Natalie Wong

Pauline Ng
"Cooking is love made visible"


Pauline Lam

Pauline Ng
Thanks. I shall look for it. Hope it is available at Netflix.

Pauline Lam
情人節除了關於男女之情,父母對子女的愛也應在歌頌之列。這幾年的情人節,我都會想起電影《回到最愛的一天》(About Time),由男孩到為人夫再到為人父,由愛情到親情,那份細水長流,教人萬分回味。

《Sleepless in Seattle》
《One Day》

Natalie Wong

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