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Since the 1970s, the Hong Kong community has been promoting various forms of recreational activities to encourage the public to enhance one’s physical fitness and improve one’s mental health. Those who have retired in recent years should be familiar with the recreational activities on offer. The question is what choices are available and how to choose from them.
To a certain extent, recreational activities involve physical activities, so general sports activities are a kind of recreational activities. Hong Kong people’s amount of physical activity is generally lower than levels around the world. Perhaps this can be attributed to Hongkongers’ busy lifestyle and long working hours, but by the time they retire, they have to have some physical activities to stay healthy and prevent illness. Recreational activities with physical activities and fun are a good choice.
On this page, we will provide information about the regular recreational activities organized by the government and other organizations, and introduce the major leisure facilities in various districts. We hope you can find activities that suit you, make new friends and learn new knowledge, so as to energize yourself for your later life.

Major recreational facilities

Speaking of recreational activities related to sports types, we would normally think of cycling at cycling tracks/grounds, playing ball games at sports grounds, swimming in swimming pools with friends. For those obsessed with golf, bowling and tennis, they can play games with their old friends at golf facilities, bowling greens and tennis courts. In addition to the self-organized activities, there are many international annual sports events and world championships held in the major sports venues including Hong Kong Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Stadium and Hong Kong Coliseum . If you have great interest in sports events or sports, you can view the schedules and related information of the abovementioned venues, and participate in the sports and recreational activities you are interested in, as well as support your favourite players.

Recreational activities organized by the Government, welfare organisations and sports associations
At present most of the sports and social activities are organized by the government and social welfare organisations/bodies. Enrolment in the free community programmes held in the venues managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department can be done through the Department’s enrolment procedure.
Elderly Centre Services set up by individual social welfare organisations are available in all districts to provide various services for their target group, including holding different kinds of social and recreational activities, so that they can maintain their physical and mental healthiness while living in the community. Details about these activities are available in the following websites:
  1. District Elderly Community Centres
  2. Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

In addition, sports associations also organize different forms of sports events and short courses to enable those who have potential and interest in sports to have more opportunities to develop themselves. Information on the activities organized by sports associations is available at the following websites:
  1. Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association
  2. Hong Kong Fencing Association
  3. Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
  4. Hong Kong Badminton Association Ltd.
  5. Hong Kong Baseball Association
  6. Hong Kong Golf Association
  7. Hong Kong Rugby Union
  8. Hong Kong Shuttlecock Association Limited
  9. Hong Kong Squash
  10. Hong Kong Table Tennis Association
  11. Hong Kong Tennis Association
  12. Hong Kong Wu Shu Union
  13. Handball Association of Hong Kong, China
  14. The Hong Kong Football Association Ltd
  15. Hong Kong Miniature Football Association
  16. Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China
  17. Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
  18. Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China


Apart from physical activities, informative seminars and workshops are also held by organisations on different health themes. Such information is available at:

Mobile Apps

Information on recreational activities organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Elderly Community Centres can also be accessed through Mobile Apps by downloading the Government’s EventHK or eElderly Activity Search.
Relevant websites: