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While we always care about our kids and give them everything we can afford, have we overlooked the needs of our aged parents?  With poor mobility and decreased dexterity, our parents could be in need of some assistive devices or specialized products to help them live more comfortably.  Besides retail shops, there are also professional suppliers in the market which provide a wide range of products for seniors.
The mobility of seniors declines as they age and their limbs become less flexible. Some may even have to lie in bed or sit on wheelchair for long periods. If we can pay more attention to their everyday lives and communicate with them, it is not difficult to understand the things that trouble them.  It would be so much more meaningful to help them solve the things that bother them everyday than to spend a lot of money to buy gifts which are of no use to them.
This page provides basic information on some common medical supplies and equipment as well as their Retail Outlets or supply channels. Further information can be accessed through our hyperlinks. We also provide  Useful Tips for the purchase of rehabilitation aids so that you can make your choice wisely after having a better idea about the functions of such products and the choices available.
Here are some common items of medical supplies and equipment: