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Floral arrangement

There is a quote of wisdom: ‘Planting flowers for happiness, watching flowers for longevity, and loving flowers for enrichment.’

Flowers bring not only beauty in decorating your home,; their fragrance brings natural freshness in airing your room. Floral arrangement refers to the techniques in bringing out the unique features of floral materials such as branches, leaves, flowers and fruits to produce a unique piece of art. Learning flower arrangement is not only beneficial for ourself but also allows us to make gifts for family and friends. We welcome readers to send in articles relating to floral arrangements so that we can have a good collection of different skills and techniques for sharing with lovers of floral arrangements.



Learning pottery requires considerable investment in terms of time and energy. It is not something you can master within a very short time.

Persons in the green-age group have more spare time. Pottery is therefore an ideal hobby for person who are willing to focus and have more patience to learn the skills. New learners may find it rather difficult at the beginning, bur after learning the basic skills, a lot of persons in the green-age group become so thrilled with the works they produce. Pottery works are both practical and beautiful. The joy is enormous and profound.



Painting nourishes our heart and mind; it also helps to project our feelings. When one paints, one needs to have an absolutely serene mind without any distraction. That’s the reason why painting is always regarded as “Diligence in paintings is beneficial to long and healthy life”.

There are many different painting interest classes to provide a wide range of choices for persons at varying level of accomplishment. If you are interested in discovering more information about these classes, please refer to our page Interest class for details.



Art comes from life, and photography is a kind of visual art (click here to read about multi-talented star Simon Yam's sharing on photography). Following the advancement of smartphone camera technologies, we can now use our mobile phones to take high-quality photos which are comparable to those taken with professional cameras. This is great news to photography enthusiasts like you as you can capture the best moments of your life at any time and place, and to share them with family and friends almost immediately.

If you are passionate with photography, do share your photography tips with our readers, so that more readers can benefit from your experience in taking their unique and spectacular photos.


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