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“Fashion” has a broad meaning. It includes clothes, shoes, ornaments and handbags, as well as hair styles and make-up, all of which are about mixing and matching to present one’s personal style and image.
Population aging is an undoubted reality regarding which many developed countries have put many efforts into public healthcare policy. Yet, very few of them have recognized the economic opportunities that may be brought about by this reality. Fashion design has huge potential in this area and contributes to the diversification of manufacturing activities, specialization of the design professions, commercialization of artworks and modernization of sales and marketing that facilitate the development and application of science and technology.
In designing clothes and ornaments for senior residents, their psychological, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being has to be considered. According to an article published in the 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2015, “once the clothing remains integrated with the body, its design and constructive aspects become essential in promoting positive experience in product usage”. Therefore, understanding the factors present in the selection and use of clothing by the elderly, such as physical change and constraints, as well as psychological and biomechanical characteristics, is helpful in designing products that can ensure the integrity of their movements, comfort and safety (please see the Useful Links below).
Some colleges and universities have made a lot of efforts in relation to fashion design for the elderly. They also often organize competitions and forums in this field. If this trend extends to the manufacturing and retail industries, it will trigger a new development in the fashion market.
This website is intended to invite practitioners in the areas of fashion design and retail to share their experience and knowledge with interested readers (including fashion designers and students) in order to improve fashion designs for senior citizens and offer them more options.
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